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The homestay in the Caribbean. We are a young dynamic team offer a new concept of accommodation in the card at people for short periods to allow you to live a rich and unforgettable experience.

This is to promote the strengths of our islands by offering tourists from all over the world homestay accommodation for a short time with a small lunch and sharing a Caribbean meals daily with their host.
We expect our Inhabitants they are the ambassadors of our islands and Bayatropic.


· Fill in the questionnaire about your home
· A project manager will contact you to verify your listing
· Your home and your profile (photo) will appear on our website


· Have one or more rooms available in your primary residence with a
minimum equipment (net or air conditioning / linen and towel quality / spaces
· Your strong point: having a sense of welcome and hospitality
· Share the breakfast and dinner with local visitors (preferably in the evening)

Your advantages:

Your children went to study or other, you have one or more free rooms, you have a sense of hospitality and sharing,

Bayatropic allows you to:

· Discover other cultures and especially to discover yours
· Meet people
· Benefit from additional income
· The concept does not fully requires your presence with tourists.
· During the day they roam the island with the help of Bayatropic or according to their desires.

Our prices

Contact us by email at bayatropic@gmail.com
or via our form in the contact section of the website or by calling 0696 76 2000
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